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FIFA Mobile 23: Unlocking Free Coins, Points, and Gems for iOS and Android

FIFA Mobile is a highly popular football (soccer) simulation game developed by EA Sports. It’s one of the most cherished games among football enthusiasts around the globe, offering an engaging experience with its realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and immersive gameplay.

In the game, players build and manage their dream team from a roster of thousands of real-world players. The gameplay includes various leagues, head-to-head multiplayer modes, and events that keep things interesting. However, to fully experience all that FIFA Mobile has to offer, you need three critical resources: Coins, FIFA Points, and Gems. Here’s how you can earn these in-game currencies for free.

Pay To Win in FIFA Mobile Soccer?

The concept of ‘Pay-to-Win‘ (P2W) in the world of mobile gaming is often a topic of heated discussion. In a P2W game, players who are willing to spend real money typically gain significant advantages over those who choose not to, which can potentially lead to an unbalanced gaming environment. So, is FIFA Mobile a Pay-to-Win game? Let’s explore.

In FIFA Mobile, three main types of in-game currencies are used: Coins, FIFA Points, and Gems. Coins are relatively easy to earn through gameplay, while FIFA Points and Gems are harder to accumulate but offer more benefits. They can be used to buy premium packs, refill stamina, and access certain exclusive features.

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While you can earn FIFA Points and Gems through gameplay, these currencies are also available for purchase with real money, providing a faster, more straightforward way to obtain them. Players who choose to buy these resources with real money can potentially gain advantages more quickly, such as acquiring top-rated players or entering high-reward events, which could give them an edge in competitive play.

However, it’s important to note that FIFA Mobile is a game that also heavily relies on player skill. Having a high-rated team doesn’t guarantee success unless the player possesses the skills and strategic understanding required to utilize that team effectively. Knowledge of football tactics, player positioning, and timing of controls are aspects of the game that can’t be bought with money. Moreover, EA Sports has introduced features such as Chemistry in recent iterations of the game, encouraging players to strategically build teams with synergistic relationships, rather than just stacking them with high-rated players.

Another critical aspect to consider is the game’s matchmaking system, which aims to pair players with similarly skilled and similarly rated opponents. This system helps to level the playing field, reducing the impact of high-rated teams on overall competitiveness. Also read our tips and tricks for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

FIFA Mobile 23 Coins

Coins are the most common form of currency in FIFA Mobile and are earned through gameplay. They are used for various transactions, including purchasing players from the Transfer Market, buying packs in the Store, and entering specific events.

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Daily Activities: Complete your daily activities. This includes a list of small tasks that, when completed, provide a bonus in the form of coins.

Participate in Events: EA Sports regularly introduces different types of events in the game, like Team of the Week (TOTW), Team of the Season (TOTS), etc. These events offer abundant opportunities to earn coins.

Selling Players: This might sound surprising, but selling your unwanted players in the Transfer Market can provide a good source of coins.

You can use coins to buy players in the Transfer Market, which allows you to strategically build and strengthen your team. Investing coins wisely can get you top-rated players, thus boosting your team’s overall performance. Moreover, coins can be used to buy packs in the Store, providing a chance to unlock new players, and they can also be used to enter certain events.

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FIFA Points

FIFA Points are another type of currency in FIFA Mobile, usually bought with real money. However, there are a few ways to earn them for free:

Leveling Up: Each time you level up in the game, you receive a certain amount of FIFA Points. Therefore, play as many matches as you can to level up faster.

Watching Ads: The game also provides an option to earn FIFA Points by watching ads. The availability of ads might vary, but it’s a useful feature for earning points.

The value of FIFA Points lies in their utility for purchasing Premium Packs from the store, which can include high-rated players and other beneficial items that can’t be bought with coins. In this way, FIFA Points can provide a significant boost to your team’s quality and competitiveness. Furthermore, FIFA Points can be used to refill your energy, enabling you to play more matches and events, thereby accelerating your progress in the game.

FIFA Mobile Gems

Gems are a premium currency in FIFA Mobile. You can use them to purchase special packs or items from the store or enter premium events. Here are a couple of ways to earn gems for free:

Achievements: Completing certain milestones or achievements can earn you gems. These achievements can range from simple tasks like winning a set number of matches to complex ones like building a team with a particular overall rating.

Daily Login Rewards: Simply logging in every day can also earn you gems, thanks to the daily login rewards system. Make sure to login daily, even if you don’t have time to play a match, to collect your rewards.

With gems, you can access exclusive items and packs in the store that are not available for coins or even FIFA Points. These items often have a significant impact on your gameplay, giving you an edge in matches and events. Additionally, gems can be used to enter premium events, which offer greater rewards.

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Tips and tricks for FIFA Mobile 23

Master the Controls: FIFA Mobile offers both tap and button controls. Spend time practicing and understanding both systems to see which one suits your style of play better. Once you have a system you’re comfortable with, mastering the controls becomes crucial to improving your game.

Optimize Your Squad: Always aim for a balanced team. It’s not just about having star players; understanding your players’ strengths and weaknesses can help you develop better strategies. Pay attention to player ratings and their positions to build the most effective squad.

Work the Market: The Transfer Market is an excellent way to get new players and earn coins. Learn the market dynamics and trends. Look for underpriced players, buy them, and then sell them at a higher price. This approach requires patience and understanding but can be very rewarding.

Participate in Events: FIFA Mobile introduces special events regularly. Participating in these events can provide you with valuable rewards including coins, players, and other bonuses. Make sure to regularly check for new events and participate as much as possible.

Complete Daily Activities: Completing daily activities is a straightforward way of earning free coins and other rewards. Even if you can’t spend much time playing the game one day, try to at least complete these tasks.

Play Attack Mode: This mode allows you to play your offensive halves against other users worldwide. The more you play, the more chances you have of winning coins and fans, which help to increase your rank and level up.

Utilize the Training Mode: Use the training mode to improve your skills, especially if you’re new to the game. Practice makes perfect, and the training mode provides a great way to get familiar with game mechanics without losing anything.

Manage Your Stamina: Each match you play costs stamina, so manage it wisely. Your stamina bar refills over time, but if you’re running low and want to keep playing, you can refill it with FIFA Points.

Focus on Achievements: Achievements reward you for accomplishing specific goals in the game, and they often provide gems as a reward. Regularly check your achievements to see what goals you should be working towards.

Build Chemistry: FIFA Mobile 2019 introduced the concept of chemistry. Players from the same country, league, or club have better chemistry, which improves your team’s performance during matches. Try to build a team with high chemistry to get an edge in your games.

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